Saturday, July 5, 2008

you will die alone

and it is okay
there isnt much you'll miss out on,
except for sharing your happiness with someone.
and it feels empty.
but we are all different. im not sure i need any filling.
you were always a pie kind of girl.
if only you knew..i say it a alot, but seriously
how unattractive you are and how easily i tell myself it will be leaving you
i think im going to go out with style, and just dissappear.
and something in you will always tell you im coming back
heres the best part,
i wont
alone in the deep woods with nothing by my side except nature
it will happen, and you will be blind sided.
you're jealousy will be my bath water
and it will be the perfect temperature, the one that never gets uncomfortable.
i could publish a book about you.
and you just keep swinging.
maybe i will kill you one day, and then be forced to live a vagabond lifestyle,
it would make a good story.
and an even better song

us young souls

we dont know what were doing, or even where we are going.
but dammnnn it feels good,
like taking one on the head or getting a good morning work out, and i dont mean running
we will forever be different, i think im starting to become more and more cool with it
but, with the territory of acceptance comes personal choice.
ohhhh and you still dont get it,
i told you i dont think like most people
id rather disguise my message and leave you baffled at all the big words i did not use.
so live on and die, because thats what old things do,
and us new people will continue on our long path that is just begining.
guess what else i will give thanks for,
being unable to communicate with spirits, thats just to cool for me, and i was always just talk..
but you bought it from the best salesman in the world..and to think i cared.

i knew you had to have the last word, you're old

...and nothing but the truth

i tell you and myself how much i cant live without you,
and then you open your mouth
the only thing thats comes to my mind is doubt.
i will be happy with or without you
i will be successful with or without you.
so next time i think to myself
or tell you how much i love you
just stay quiet because i will probably take back my kind words or praise.
and yes, this is for real, im not just mad.
its time to take back what is yours
partying and high school
who would want to let go of such infamous times
and we all know how much you hate that,
and the truth.


Brendon Masters

Oceanside, CA, United States
you already know too much about me