Sunday, March 30, 2008

turn on the brights

have you been blinded by the light
i was, and it was bright...
so i put on my sunglasses.....

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


behind the forest is where your answer lies
go on..its okay...a little dark and creepy...but okay..
this collapse was foretold..but not warned..
how am i supposed to know what will hurt?
if they have breasts...
it will hurt.

this is

what is this? where did it go? and how?

don't think this is easy for me, you are not alone
now you are .
just like that

why is blame the first thing to be argued over?

blame is an excuse for hiding what you really feel

...what flows through your heart and soul

just say it hurts and i will stop...

the podium is changing

oh pride..

it's so worth it

lonesome crowded west.

just got a little less crowded

why does it hurt all over?

in every cell and pathway of my vessel

it wasn't supposed to end this way..


spontaneity is the only way to live your life..
goodbye, i am off to venture the world alone.

somehow, it goes on...even though my feelings do not assure my grasping hands..
clammy and cold, they search frantically for signs of life,
but what is life though hands eyes?
touch cannot be replaced, only mimicked

this opening will never close.
only to be covered with boulders and rocks,..

so this is what jesus felt like....or didn't...
no...he didn't.... inanimate objects don't feel.

atleast this reassures me i am alive.....

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

if only they could be honest

you are always right

just as this font is black

lessons take time
unless you're in a car crash

then its just kind of in your face

karma comes in all shapes and colors

who will bring it to the leaders of this 'free' world.

if only people would come to your aid when it counts.

cycle people through your life like a deck of cards...

george bush is related to the queen of england....

open your eyes
they are winning
you are a pawn
take back your head, or whats left
alcohol is a tool used to keep us happy and oblivious

drugs are population control

our food is population control

think with your whole brain

6 billion to 500 million

africa is proof, america is proof,


Saturday, March 22, 2008

wine me, dine me, show me the town

dont worry dear, someone will one day
i have never felt so disconnected from you, everything in me says dont do it,
dont sign away your life....
maybe now is the time to go far away
what is here for me anyway,
who is here for me more like it.
not you
im not your type, realize this.
is incapabilities even a word? i guess so.
well you win, ill take what ever is coming my way..
its funny how those things work,
when you feel it the most, you are completely blind,
making yourself believe what you desire so bad.
this is bad
what happened to giving a moose a muffin.
that died fast.............
time to work towards a respectable departure.....
where the fuck did this come from...
wine me
dine me,
best of all, you dont have to do any work.
monogomy is so yesterday i guess....
i am daunting, and you are not
live tv right in front on your eyes. your own movie, starring you and i
where eventually the joke is on me...but this is a comedy, alls well that ends well.....
im not done with you.

Friday, March 21, 2008

social materialism

networking has lost its purpose, and turned more competitive
i drank like 39 beers last night
look at pictures,
they tell you more about a person than you'd really like to know.
their insecurities shine through the googoley eyes and drunken smirks
but as long as you find it cool
who was to be present and conscious anyway.
fuck that
there is no competition to show who has the coolest life.
my herb is home grown and my acid was never touched.
yeah well i drink everyday.....

the end justifies the means

you're mean
but i am happy
how much more money can you spend before that is your destination.
i hope you can take all of your cool possession with you underground.

why leave when you can see the world on TV or online.
im taking a journey, but im not leaving my living room.... :)

the town is flooded, everyone glows a certain shade, and smiles a little bigger...
nature is appreciated a lot more
but then just as quickly forgotten 12 hours later

ocean beach california
i come

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

write more,
pick up your tired head and type on.
theres people to be informed.
sit on the crescent of the moon,
gathering ideas for plays and stories,
as you gaze, watching us self destruct.
if you have the answer why do you conceal it
behind thick lies and ugly tales it resides...
foolish you are, for nothing stays unknown.


Brendon Masters

Oceanside, CA, United States
you already know too much about me