Monday, September 28, 2015


today i saw someone get hit by a van

its moments like this that i am confounded
my thoughts wonder about their own reactions.
'poor guy'

maybe this is all to teach me to take nothing personal

after all im quite sensitive
and will over analyze your hello
or goodbye
or fuck you

im fascinated by the dynamic of city life
and repulsed
and confused

in two years this city will push me out
and replace us
with affluent tech geniuses
 so ill get my taste now.
before the milk gets too sour

and the dirt packs too hard

Thursday, September 24, 2015

more settlements

im still injured
and ready to bring it up
i need some serious break time, 
or tlc

the waves have been so good
and these glimpses of coming events
causes it to hurt even more

still trying to find a place by the sea
slowly figuring out technique
when it comes to immovable objects

tomorrow i play the drums.
maybe even try to put on a wetsuit

im still so confused by city life.
juggling is not my forte
nor in my interests 

but i keep finding people and things who spark my interests.
and that's cool

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

pondering ponds

i want to know:

will i ever stop trying to get in my own way?

will i ever drop everything and just do what i want?

am i doing what i want?

will i ever find dreams and futures im attracted to?

am i really uninterested in establishing an image?

would i know an opportunity if i saw one?

could i feel emotions the way they're sent?

might i be looking in wrong places....

for items and people i don't want?

do i really express authentic gratitude?

do i make people feel like they matter?

should i just give up and disappear?

or step into the spotlight and steer.

moving is like jumping off a cliff

and telling yourself, there is a pool of water below
even though you can see one.

a pool of people, who influence the surface of the water
from ice to room temperature.

no more bruises

i don't think i fit into city life
all i can think about is escapism.
and wondering
why can't i just enjoy the moment
...being in pain
...wondering if this will last forever

tomorrow i will try to be in the present

because tonight 

im wiping away my blood

from today

Thursday, September 10, 2015

best claim ever

wilko needs digestive enzymes

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

first timer

i really did a number on my body already working this new job
140lb coffee sacks all day, not really, but i brush up against them at least once a day
buckets and barrels in between them....not the kind you want though.

i need to learn to ask for help. and just how to do that
so for the last going on 2 skating...
just working and laying in a bed with new muse.

but this is where it gets good

i woke up in the hospital yesterday

after playing buckets i tried to stand and i guess triggered my vagel nerve?
i felt super back/side pain and took a nap
right on the side of jfk in golden gate park

people saw me and called an ambulance
and apparently i even had a couple people compliment me...

but i also had angels around
i somehow gave a person my phone number and keys
and they moved my car for me back to where i was staying.

hollllllyyy fuck

as i lay in bed icing my back

its time like this im so happy that no one reads this shit,


Saturday, September 5, 2015


im starting to feel outmatched up here
the competition and the sheer detachment
from what is really going on
maybe im the clueless one.

so much talent and privledge
playing for the wrong team
and so much in front of them
to make me sick.


Brendon Masters

Oceanside, CA, United States
you already know too much about me