Wednesday, February 27, 2008


i have a friend who once said with a smile,
'i just battled the sun set'...
you have to be weird to know..
have you ever watched the day be overwhelmed by the night?
ill tell you the ending, the stars win.
but the moon runs a dictatorship.
Have you ever battled the beach?
the tide alllways wins.
ask the sea who lives in blacks beach.
anyway what im getting at
if you are born weird,
take advantage of it,
people are jealous of you.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

i see you

i feel you
when i walk through the land the earth speaks to me.
swimming in the ocean, the water runs through my veins.
in the air i breathe, the life fills my lungs.
to know and not be able to grasp.....
i know you're there.
the warm glow of your body heat
silouhetted against the full moon
dance with my through the feilds as the clock starts over again
we create our own existence far from the corporate lands.
towering shadows cascading over us as we rejoice
next to the fire that fuels our spiritual conciousness
expose your raw emotions to the wolves that hide in the shadows.
they're out there but you are safe in the circle
in my arms you are safe my love.

When the life comes we resort to our devices,
your soft skin soaks up the living rays of the sun.
for hours we lie, watching the sun patrol the skies,
witnessing the clouds racing each other to unknown destinations.
the light passes over us and recharges the love
that is to be made under the stars,
inside the crystal blue waterfall.
and along the misty shores of the awakening oceans.

as our days race by us, we notice little.
our love has taken over our thoughts and dreams.
there is nothing else but you and i
two beings in harmony with their surroundings
age becomes meaningless....
a label,
a constant reminder of the length of time this beauty has lasted.

each day is met with warmth and excitment
and left with a sense of sadness..
for everyday is a day to cherish
turn your incredible dreams into the stories they desire to become..

Sunday, February 17, 2008


this is a poem to my cat squeak.

an ode to squeak

it is amazing how much i have learned from you.
it is possible to be fat and happy, all the while demanding it.
so that is your secret ehy?
if you want attention, don't give them a choice.
every lap,
every brush.
a constant vibrating ball of fur
fat and happy.
you hold the truth to the statement,
if you want something, ask...
if it doesn't work,
try 39 more times....
you are the only cat
who would lay near me when i am playing the drums
and when i asked you how i played
would respond...mas!
my spanish speaking fat ass
as well as showing me how to be truly happy,
you have shown me that love still exists.

bleeding the thoughts

losing your thoughts without control.
unable to stop the flow of ideas right or wrong
think too much and you will die
feel your decisions in your insides
less is more

let your thoughts take you to the outer perimeter
where you can observe other fluttering ideas
waiting to be snatched like butterflies in a childs net.
floating like clouds with no direction or mass
now see that god is everywhere

look at your hands, they're more than you see..
the texture, every ridge
the warmth, the personality
touch the earth
she is our mother
unconditionally loving
the children who can't get it right
we all sleep walk through life
but our consciousness knows better
why can't we hear what is necessary for prosperity

you are amazing
now convince yourself you are what you see....
take back your mind and love your unconscious
let it be your way, it is less cloudy.
the world is a stage
put yourself in the center

Thursday, February 7, 2008

from me to you

if i tried half as hard in life as i do in keeping this fucking relationship going

i wouldnt be here
under your watchful eye

you never know, one day i could be that one who just disappears.

empty threats

but you're filling them
with motivation and reasons....

ha ha
it feels so normal to just dislike you
and all the shit you believe in

keep your day job beautiful

you have sabotaged this construction site....

this is bull shit

you know everything you say has the odor of shit to it?
its pretty unplesant, enough to make me not come around
say one thing, do another.
no wonder where i get it?
theres not way i can cure myself of this ailment
with you in the driver seat.
quit smoking while you're friends throw it at you
that is what you are to me
the stale smell of nicotine burning.
you are so non shalant,
well guess what,
it will come around to you, you ignorant child.
read this knowing its about you
but listen to that self conscious voice you call your guide
its not about you...
never has been.
ive said this a million times before,
but ill reassure myself again,
you will never learn.
let me learn for you, this new sense of independence.
doesnt sound so bad anymore,
"just leave me!!" take your own fucking advice
time doesnt heal what you lack
time doesnt help how you just dont get it
I will not be a slave to time
im taking my life back .......


Brendon Masters

Oceanside, CA, United States
you already know too much about me