Sunday, February 17, 2008

bleeding the thoughts

losing your thoughts without control.
unable to stop the flow of ideas right or wrong
think too much and you will die
feel your decisions in your insides
less is more

let your thoughts take you to the outer perimeter
where you can observe other fluttering ideas
waiting to be snatched like butterflies in a childs net.
floating like clouds with no direction or mass
now see that god is everywhere

look at your hands, they're more than you see..
the texture, every ridge
the warmth, the personality
touch the earth
she is our mother
unconditionally loving
the children who can't get it right
we all sleep walk through life
but our consciousness knows better
why can't we hear what is necessary for prosperity

you are amazing
now convince yourself you are what you see....
take back your mind and love your unconscious
let it be your way, it is less cloudy.
the world is a stage
put yourself in the center

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