Thursday, February 7, 2008

this is bull shit

you know everything you say has the odor of shit to it?
its pretty unplesant, enough to make me not come around
say one thing, do another.
no wonder where i get it?
theres not way i can cure myself of this ailment
with you in the driver seat.
quit smoking while you're friends throw it at you
that is what you are to me
the stale smell of nicotine burning.
you are so non shalant,
well guess what,
it will come around to you, you ignorant child.
read this knowing its about you
but listen to that self conscious voice you call your guide
its not about you...
never has been.
ive said this a million times before,
but ill reassure myself again,
you will never learn.
let me learn for you, this new sense of independence.
doesnt sound so bad anymore,
"just leave me!!" take your own fucking advice
time doesnt heal what you lack
time doesnt help how you just dont get it
I will not be a slave to time
im taking my life back .......

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