Monday, November 26, 2012


 get some sleep kid....
your lips will blow up...
your sugar demon is flaring

lows and highs happy times and heart pains.

falling too fast...and trying to smoke my way out.

long hair disguise

a sense of utter denial.

i said get some sleep

what ever you think you are.

dietary nutrition

i cant hide is in plain wall or stone to a stupid fucking fucking dumb am i? i missed the joke..or became it all together. i hate walls...and your need for them. let someone else help you build more walls... im busy tearing mine down...and putting their structure into foundations...upon which i will build a dynasty. the worst part is you see it too...the immoral ghosts stuck in situational limbo...three life divorces later..if you saw death coming...would you be less surprised by its gentle touch? more coughing for the coughers.  more caffiene than a coffin.  my life's gas tank is buried past full. now watch me make ground.


maybe it is me....that sends love packin
g....maybe its my
shaking nerves/trembling lips 
breaths like made of sand paper.
im not one to deny proof....

or to continually

  hint prais

Mental tail spin

so here we are again...
the lights are all flashing warning signs
and emergency back up plans are already initiating

the same old same old...professional crash test pilots.
closer the ground approaches.. offering the same  messy ending.

a splatter on a windshield, with wreckage for the scientists to devour.

how i keep waking up in this position....hands clutching the planes steering wheel.
with lives on the line, and futures to be allowed...
your own...

i dont know.

but im back...spotting my landing...checking the gears....
and hoping the ground is soft.


Brendon Masters

Oceanside, CA, United States
you already know too much about me