Tuesday, September 13, 2011

When kooks attack

Today I kooked out and my  beloved skateboard got run over by a car.

I am shattered..after 2 years...and countless hills and miles...

Splintered into the wind
im going to miss you so
and the feeling of leaning
into a good turn
we had such a good run 
from ducking under cars trees and chains
to being thrown down in anger and disgust
ive conquered san diegos finest and
been a terrified deer in the headlights
miles and miles on the wheels
and each and every screw.
locomotive joy, sheer  good fun
now you lay in pieces , grateful and tired
im sorry for throwing you
im sorry for getting you run over
until next time my four wheeled friend.

Love Bus

Hi pretty lady.
There is tremendous natural
beauty in your stillness
no stranger has ever kept such
a mona lisa smile
im sure you could tell me
some good stories

take me by the hand
and ill cancel what im doing
to follow where you lead

lips pressed firmly against one another
as familiarity overtakes searching hands
and desire drips sweat down the walls.

I don't know you
but i'd like to
fragile beauty sporting laconic authority
don't mind me on my knees
or my head between your legs

you are beautiful
and id like to show you that
if only by this
small piece of paper


Brendon Masters

Oceanside, CA, United States
you already know too much about me