Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sunday, May 25, 2008

the ocean always wins

the seagulls overhead..circling like vultures
this armada is doomed
under the captain i shall perish without mention
yes i know you can...
the look on a mans face after being starved to insanity.
trade winds hold scents of peril
i should not be alive..sailors infamie

i love you

you need to leave right now..

i love this arrangement i have with myself...
i get high, bitch about whats wrong with the world and everyone else but me,
and then hope people listen..
that's a winning solution, let me tell you.
to all the people who do not read my material...
if only i could force my words on you like the words of my education were forced on me..
when will i see my poetic justice?
what a waste of takes a stoned thought to realize the storm you're brewing in your head.
what an elixir..
no eternal reward will save us for wasting the dawn...
why can't those be my words..

i know we could
smiles that turn into cages....what do they confine?
only a shadow occupies the space behind the teeth acting as cold metal bars
dark and empty, intangible, but the presence is felt.

think outside the box?
tell you wicked lies..
pale skin coating a listless soul..
i have to see you again and again
chase me to Neptune and veer right....
ill be right there waiting

watch as i cast you out to the universal pond

Thursday, May 1, 2008

you didn't approve

life is good isnt it......huge smiles, and nicotine stained teeth.
staying with the phrase cool has never been so easy...
your blue eyes stir so much resent and wonder,
who was i? and who was i becoming
you did me a favor disguised in heart break.
teen angst heart break....
i couldnt imagine actually having you then losing you....
or just losing my mind...
you are way to far off my radar to fly next too.
see in you
what i wanted in myself
direction, purpose, meaning...
you were my direction, purpose and meaning
how many other ways could i have shown you i am real....
you can grab my clamey hand and feel my pulse...
is that was scares you.
a person with something inside, to which you measure your abilities...
i guess this if life...
reviewing what we had, not what is in front of us...
because what i have is love,
no matter what the hundred different people inside me say
"you can do better"
what is better, and how do you do it?
today i have love
maybe not all directed at one person or object
but scattered throughout the valleys of my excistence
so today i will be greatful for that!


Brendon Masters

Oceanside, CA, United States
you already know too much about me