Tuesday, November 13, 2007

hallows eve...

what was i doing 5 years ago?
what was i doing 10 years ago?
what was it like to live back then.
what feelings, fears and wonders consumed me?
what really mattered to me?
what dreams marinated in my consciousness?
hero status, super stardom
was it so much to ask for back then?
time has the biggest fist, which she slowly floors you with.
act fast and know what you are here for..
hero status and superstardom
nothing less....

Mexico 2

My vision did not awake with me this morning.
No fire or firewarks
no vision at all, but they're out there.
The earth rumbles from their energy, frozen feet, surfing addict...
You pay for what you get,
Make the trek to who knows what.
The playground with hundreds of endless faces.
But be kind in your efforts i warn you
for incredible feelings await you.


Misty morning, a haze that cloaks the coast.
Submerged in nature, complete in Mexico.
Completely unaware, and unable to communicate.
Falling on my face to get up and try again.
will we find the direction we are seeking?
No stopping us now, they are waiting for you.
Lines on the attack, nothing stands in their way.
White blankets sit you in the sand.
Go get high on pretty faces.
If i described what i was seeing, you would believe me
because its so cliche.....
everything is perfect,
but there is always something


Time for a trip, god knows i need one....
Walk through forests, the trees ooze knowledge.
Soak up the atmosphere through your eyes.
Let your insides float out over the ocean, rocky faces hold dark secrets.
The cold envelops you, all of your senses frigid.
This experience will move mountains, listen to the pure silence, it stings.
Breathe in your own aura of glory and being
Find inside yourself what you know is already there.
Ready and waiting...

little black book 1

why does security fluctuate you? Questions forever unanswered.
This will show... it has already hinted itself.
My agenda is full.
My writing expresses to little emotion.
You're a voice that stings, this writing makes no sense.
But who has any sense left?
A world repeated and full of fallacy. What have we learned from our rain dance?
Little black book, will you show me my solution when i am seeking answers?
The book of untold ways to the unknown.
I am the abyss, you have to dive to find me.
Put your doubts aside and jump.
Everyone has their own agenda.
Find me and you have earned a shot.
Fatal times we live in, rehab is popular.
Im going to make driving into a wall look glamorous to the youth.
Just wait and see, you will be the first to be enlightened.
Travel the world on my cloud and conquer the sky with me.
Only to be pushed off.............by yours truly...

Monday, November 12, 2007

How to become a super hero!

You are who see yourself as. What do you want to see?
How do you obtain everything you desire? Is it even worth tempting yourself with thoughts of complete self accomplishment. When you are a child it is the easiest thought to be able to conquer the world. I want to play the drums, I want to be admired by thousands. What does it take to be the caliber of person who you know you are? To be able to look past the haze of fear and see how endless the ability to create is. Nothing holds anyone back except themselves. People are taught to fuck themselves into leading scripted lives that "god"? has creatively arranged. Can someone turn off the need to feel accomplished? Is it possible to invision who you know you are and automatically feel results. You have to try.....................and you have to fail.


Brendon Masters

Oceanside, CA, United States
you already know too much about me