Tuesday, March 23, 2010


people never stay where you think they will.
it's almost shown every time that it is the opposite of the plan.
maybe you will get what is coming to you, if anything at all.
beware of extending your hands to people in need.
you are always a good excuse but sometimes when things need to be done, you're a reason.
the funny part is, i could have seen this coming from a mile away.
it will be the last time i open myself to old friends in need.
old friends dont exist.
personal gain triumphs once again. a quiet evening and a slow sunrise. these are the polar opposites to which i am glued.
it would be fitting if you're abilities came up short of the plan. stop trying to be an idea you are not.
a successful person is internal. externally you are full of shit. what comes from inside manifests itself outside and all around you.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

moving forward...hopefully

i want to move in all directions except backwards

i need to expand my thoughts and tune my words.

i think therefore im not.

my instincts are there and my heart is beating

lets call attention and follow behind it bleeding.

theres a pulse in my hand

and a spot on my cheek

never would i have expected to find what i seek

the ocean is real and the world is vast

my attention will be shaped into a house

and inside i will sit

alone with my thoughts

but together with everyone.

light my fire with the fears inside

there's a proper use for everything.. if you take it in stride.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

copy and paste

so say my words arent what you thought
and say what we felt was tangible.
that was a quick ending. to a loud show. get warm you might be alone

its not fine. until we fall over. short sentences and lost minds no emotions and a worn feeling. i havent felt those feeling before, forgive me for i thought that feeling was love.

cant have everything you want, just glimpses. behind those jealous hurt eyes lie to a girl wanting to be held. good stories traded for loving questions?
it was worth it, you just had to show me. as much as you can give me.

we werent supposed to see stuff like this! so what happens when you can die peacefully, will everything turn white? was that a hint of satisfaction i saw in your eyes? oh my young heart flutters again.

an ambient feeling takes place but the spaghetti hair is still there!
there goes my audience of one, smile. it was worth it to find out before. written off.

time is of no use to people who are not concerned with the future, but who can be honest about their feeling anyway...
so this is our wall.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Kind of upset?

in the night came the tears that needed to flow.
lets watch each others infidelities and practice working on our insecurities,
make it happen and prove them right. leave them with a sense of urgency that soars through their everything.
Yeah yeah?
i have people on my side. i have love on my side.
i dont have you on my side,
bring it back. that night that was over so soon.
why did i have to end the show before the credits?
ask the director, the producer is hanging in the closet.
i guess he thought his work was failure,
if only someone could have told him he is nominated for awards.
this year will be awardless. rewards and failure.
in the morning i come in the morning i go i loved you till the new year but got lost in the snow.
success is measured by the amount of lines on your wrist.
this is treason against the holy court.
who said i could want? love is not the other sex.
i said the golden line...its hard to write when you're happy.
so im back with a confused smirk and looking for my familiar faces. for when i feel sad.
fuck this
i will be great
i will be good
i will be there
with or without you.
its starting to look that way.
back to the circus with you, young children lost from their parents belong in huge crowded areas.
comfort comfort why cant i find you when i need you?
why do you have to go.?
sleep this one off like an international hangover.
madness is the elixir of below.
happy new years brendon masters
youve shown what you have,
no show them what theyre missing
for it will be lonely at the top
and ill need all the comfort i can afford.
healthy habits start with unhealthy perspective
my lines are still flowing with the lava that embodies their stature.
if they're pretty, clean and gone i am good.
this is where that shade of grey becomes a little less defined. lets come together and say
that you want me
only my hands and lips can take you off your isolationism perch.
too bad i cut off my arms and sewed my mouth shut.
here i am in my dark place bringing smoldering candles to the party.
it feels like a fall.
but theres also a kick to the ribs.
hope you dont mind me bringing out your insecurities.
my carpet is stained, dirty and torn. yet ill never budge. turning around is almost to give up my breath.
so this is what love is, the sheets being ripped off the bed in the frostiest of nights.
lets get lost in human pleasure.
cant help my heart from beating
so loud thunderous and deep.
this lake is cold, deep and churning.
someone in my vocal chords is up to no good.
ill never find the very special feelings i could.
the rain will wash away the dirty buildings and streets
the eye shadow oh that black
theyre all about the lines in their eyes.
and the colors in their cheeks.
the guys staring and
the days becoming weeks
time to find my swimming pool. they never used to put fences around public places..barefoot and sprinting, ill make it if i just keep going.
i think i can
i know i can
stay on the same page.
it will all make sense when you go back and read, its always been right infront of you.
can you really write a book that can be read backward, forewards and upside down?
looks like a challenge
this is the part of you that will keep the relationship in the toilet.
but hes so popular in japan!
they love his style and his non attached life.
everyone knows the goat at the top of the mountain is lonely.
stop shaking, they can feel the vibrations below.
you want to go back
but a goat never steps on a loose rock twice.
keep the sticks i gave you. sleep is out of the town tonight and shes taking numbers. you too would be smiling. the similarities are startling. oh geez, what do you tell everyone about your perfect girl now?
and you talked her up so high! too bad she had to bring your dignity and self image with her. drugs are powerful and for use prescribed by your lower identities.
so you wanted your image, you heart broken lonely boy
now that youve got your lyrics id say its time to get a playing.
hit those sticks and bang those drums. move those hips and drop those jaws.
shrieks that love a melody, theyre partner in crime loved by the general public.
is here such a thing as a beloved murderer? i swear they will listen, and the love story will probably play out too.
dont count on it though.
counting on things when theyre not numbers is never advised.

That'd Be Great

i can only speak for myself when i say that there is a warm fire burning in my soul.
i want others to join because i am constantly throwing logs in the calm controlled burn that is life.
some go for the explosions and dramatic sound effects. but ill just be sitting round my warm little camp fire.
am i really going? could my life really be happening this fast?
how good it feels to be inundated by the possibilities that cover this green earth
as long as the swells come, my heart will not stray from the honest.
will i be there to feel it or will my feet protect me once again? this one could hurt, but won't they all?

Still Not Sure

I want to scream.
i want to yell.
i want to kick something or someone
things need to burn
tears need to flow
emotions need to boil out and over

i hate this need
i have this fear
i want more than i have
i can handle more than i need
things will go flowing through
and i will be there on the other end,
please take my hand.
i promise not to squeeze it, at least until you indicate pain

i love you like my addictions
but im ready for healthy relations
my heart is there
stuck in a cauldron of growth
this is temporary and life is on steroids
i want you
please dont leave me
please dont hurt me
i wont take anyone elses hand
i wont kiss any other lips
my mouth is yours, my words, my breath
the life force within.

ill kick this habit and adopt new morals
ill leave the plants and adopt the peoeple
come find me on my whirlwind stage
this is true and the lies are on the run
they know they're not welcome and their taste has curdled
the waves will help
you will help
my love is there
just under the heaps of this. lets continue
your words are like light rain drops on the ground of my heart
they water the life in my world

My Ocean.

wouldnt i like to know.
all the miles spent on the road and the hours in my day dreams
maybe my mind is just out for a walk
my body is out for a swim, my heart is a grateful,
the lines of the ocean are coming to say hi.
they have traveled far.
..and upon reaching their destination would appreciate a beautiful line.
the good kind of burn and a full beating.
is there anything else that can create such heights,
the essential glide.
the perfect slide.
you have to listen to catch that ride.
walking a log along a wave face
placing 10 digits over.
lets play run from the curl
who ever gets close wins.
a smile and temporary flight


Brendon Masters

Oceanside, CA, United States
you already know too much about me