Tuesday, March 16, 2010

copy and paste

so say my words arent what you thought
and say what we felt was tangible.
that was a quick ending. to a loud show. get warm you might be alone

its not fine. until we fall over. short sentences and lost minds no emotions and a worn feeling. i havent felt those feeling before, forgive me for i thought that feeling was love.

cant have everything you want, just glimpses. behind those jealous hurt eyes lie to a girl wanting to be held. good stories traded for loving questions?
it was worth it, you just had to show me. as much as you can give me.

we werent supposed to see stuff like this! so what happens when you can die peacefully, will everything turn white? was that a hint of satisfaction i saw in your eyes? oh my young heart flutters again.

an ambient feeling takes place but the spaghetti hair is still there!
there goes my audience of one, smile. it was worth it to find out before. written off.

time is of no use to people who are not concerned with the future, but who can be honest about their feeling anyway...
so this is our wall.

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