Monday, March 15, 2010

Still Not Sure

I want to scream.
i want to yell.
i want to kick something or someone
things need to burn
tears need to flow
emotions need to boil out and over

i hate this need
i have this fear
i want more than i have
i can handle more than i need
things will go flowing through
and i will be there on the other end,
please take my hand.
i promise not to squeeze it, at least until you indicate pain

i love you like my addictions
but im ready for healthy relations
my heart is there
stuck in a cauldron of growth
this is temporary and life is on steroids
i want you
please dont leave me
please dont hurt me
i wont take anyone elses hand
i wont kiss any other lips
my mouth is yours, my words, my breath
the life force within.

ill kick this habit and adopt new morals
ill leave the plants and adopt the peoeple
come find me on my whirlwind stage
this is true and the lies are on the run
they know they're not welcome and their taste has curdled
the waves will help
you will help
my love is there
just under the heaps of this. lets continue
your words are like light rain drops on the ground of my heart
they water the life in my world

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