Thursday, May 27, 2010

yesss i do

to the south on roar like lighting traveling out of our heads with LSD pumping along our red shores, A shot in the dark comes up short because the sky told me to put that down. I looked around in bewilderment and stomped on the ground but no noise i make could drown out the sound. my head was spsinning now it's flying skirting the ground and barely trying. its more fun to do when the sky bleeds red and the clouds swirl unadopted winds thrown by the sun and caught by the moon.

Shes bad shes bad shes bad she is the epitome of the worst next to me. i attract myself and destroy the lines below.You are ashes in the fire, spent and gone with the wind, you wouldnt tell me because you're the one the wild chose  We all make things spicy from time to time and silence is the open wound. No need for swirling statements and dull apologies, lets have a real barn burner and abolish these adopted taxes. No more need for your comfort like they say keep your options open and your weapons at your side.

sandy water and salty words

will you become a distant memory? a part of a passing wind, weve been to so many places but the end is always near,

words and actions are not related you must force the union..
could you be capable of showing me what i desperately cry for?
there is so much inside that wants to love you for what you are.
i guess when someone doesn't seem to notice. words don't get through.
i can see myself hunting our memories wondering where they escaped to
im not sure what will save our union but when stale moments become normal
is it worth saving?
if only i could learn to speak up...and let it out calm.
my volcanic eruptions leave charred remains in their wake.
a nice ooze would be fitting, but so would someone who i can share with.
maybe thats the sign...if you love someone they turn off your eruptions
would you want to show a person your volcano anyway?
life will come and go with the tides and the moons
so don't get too lost among the details or the feelings.
maybe one day you will have a book published on your behalf.
could i have opened the flood gates of your sacred place?
have i tromped and strutted all over your new floor?
well im sorry. intention is always the first casualty of love and war.
there are writings on the wall and they do speak loud enough to hear.
i found a love but i can't fit anything else in my life.
what happened to possibility and a real like partner?
everything is a passing cloud. you can choose to admire it in passing
or you can try and build a house in it..with obvious repercussions...
stop building on a beautiful cloud and come down to earth.
it's not so bad down here and love really does exist, you just have to look close.


singular atrophy with a hint of good
kissing the shore with the sunset is worth the shot but the chance to rock at night was the retracted line
when you are over the rules then lie down, allow the waves the continue along their course.
a conversation is as good as life vest...after 36 hours you are done.
why did all the children laugh at him? he meant no harm or humor.
but like he told me, you'll get there just watch and listen.
so take it off your mind anything else will do just fine..
keep your mind on a constant walk and resist the talk
of the instructor who is loathed by his subjects
if they're stronger then we dont need them.


i asked them where to find you yesterday but they said search the shore till the night turns to day.
i got all sandy and asked a few birds but none of them had seen you and i grew worried
so i sat down in a circle in the sand and wished and prayed id touch your hand
the seals all came and barked at the night with me...
the winds even chipped in and howled along side us.

im sorry that i left im sorry i am incomplete
but i am too young to be complete
after all i was born completely by mistake.

The breeze carries your scent but away to the inland mountains
is that you dancing along the horizon?
Ive been watching and unknown character skirt the sun
it goes back and forth along

support your wonder and take that chance
it might be you and ill see it through
to the end without haste
by a side of the person willing.

who does love feel like?

it must be like the first time you touch sand after being  lost at sea...
she must feel like a pushing tide complementing a combo swell..
the ride.
would you fight a current if it was pushing you away from your life?
i like surfing because you are riding
that was created out of thin air.

there is just nothing like absorbing tangible earthly transmissions
as if theyre the pulse of the earth

i plane of earthly pulses.

lines and refractions all bouncing around the seas of the earth
one day someone said the earth was flat

ha the growing mind is comparable to tides as well as the whole ocean..

who knows where it really ends, and begins.

apollo how do you do what you do?
the deity i would pray to it would be Poseidon and Apollo

we'll see when the levee breaks.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

relation in time and space

i refuse to believe that my needs cannot be met along with my love.
i can be loved and considered, just apparently not by you.
its time for good habits
and ive been working to see my good rabbits
no more running, you took the words right from my mouth.
but who am i to say my weakness was brought on and maintained by you?
probably more by me than any other entity.

ideas for life. practice healthy habits, and raise healthy rabbits
swim in the ocean everyday and fear not the things below the surface,
theres always something bigger than you to take you eyes off your ego
but for now lets just pray that we can hear ourselves.
someone once told me i was a good listener, but they could not see me playing the drums in my head.
have i ever really payed attention to a thought or idea long enough to let it sink into my soul?

where are you going? its easy to watch the days pass with someone so worried about missing the sunset
unknown to you, while you were all worried out, the sunset was beautiful, slow and lasting
how could you have missed it, the orange and reds were unmistakable
i guess there will be more to this story than just whats written
more of the unspoken than whats put into words

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

potion devotion

the repeated line of i am not permeates among the fields of us.
i just don't feel so special purpose has been shown fraud.
if you could help me understand i would gladly receive.
when you're not the first love can you really be the last one standing?
you've got to take all she said and throw in your own blend of style
time to lose to addiction and look within.
all these efforts show your dedication to be as bright as blood.
when my messenger pigeon gets frozen in an ice storm how do i relate my findings?
this is all part of the whole story..the bigger idea you can fill.
but dont wait until you're fully grown.
please find your center and remain there..only then can you honestly share yourself.
this is all a replacement for the mother who was never there..
and continues her absence among her field of stars.

so theres no time
to get it right
to show my fright
so you'll see me

ocean devotion

wouldnt i like to know.
all the miles spent on the road and the hours in my day dreams
maybe my mind is just out for a walk
my body is out for a swim, my heart is a grateful,
the lines of the ocean are coming to say hi.
they have traveled far.
..and upon reaching their destination would appreciate a beautiful line.
then a good kind of burn and a full beating.
is there anything else that can create such heights,
the essential glide.
the perfect slide.
you have to listen to catch that ride.
walking a log along a wave face
placing 10 digits over.
lets play run from the curl
who ever gets close wins.
a smile and temporary flight


Brendon Masters

Oceanside, CA, United States
you already know too much about me