Wednesday, May 5, 2010

relation in time and space

i refuse to believe that my needs cannot be met along with my love.
i can be loved and considered, just apparently not by you.
its time for good habits
and ive been working to see my good rabbits
no more running, you took the words right from my mouth.
but who am i to say my weakness was brought on and maintained by you?
probably more by me than any other entity.

ideas for life. practice healthy habits, and raise healthy rabbits
swim in the ocean everyday and fear not the things below the surface,
theres always something bigger than you to take you eyes off your ego
but for now lets just pray that we can hear ourselves.
someone once told me i was a good listener, but they could not see me playing the drums in my head.
have i ever really payed attention to a thought or idea long enough to let it sink into my soul?

where are you going? its easy to watch the days pass with someone so worried about missing the sunset
unknown to you, while you were all worried out, the sunset was beautiful, slow and lasting
how could you have missed it, the orange and reds were unmistakable
i guess there will be more to this story than just whats written
more of the unspoken than whats put into words

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