Thursday, May 27, 2010

sandy water and salty words

will you become a distant memory? a part of a passing wind, weve been to so many places but the end is always near,

words and actions are not related you must force the union..
could you be capable of showing me what i desperately cry for?
there is so much inside that wants to love you for what you are.
i guess when someone doesn't seem to notice. words don't get through.
i can see myself hunting our memories wondering where they escaped to
im not sure what will save our union but when stale moments become normal
is it worth saving?
if only i could learn to speak up...and let it out calm.
my volcanic eruptions leave charred remains in their wake.
a nice ooze would be fitting, but so would someone who i can share with.
maybe thats the sign...if you love someone they turn off your eruptions
would you want to show a person your volcano anyway?
life will come and go with the tides and the moons
so don't get too lost among the details or the feelings.
maybe one day you will have a book published on your behalf.
could i have opened the flood gates of your sacred place?
have i tromped and strutted all over your new floor?
well im sorry. intention is always the first casualty of love and war.
there are writings on the wall and they do speak loud enough to hear.
i found a love but i can't fit anything else in my life.
what happened to possibility and a real like partner?
everything is a passing cloud. you can choose to admire it in passing
or you can try and build a house in it..with obvious repercussions...
stop building on a beautiful cloud and come down to earth.
it's not so bad down here and love really does exist, you just have to look close.

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