Thursday, May 27, 2010


i asked them where to find you yesterday but they said search the shore till the night turns to day.
i got all sandy and asked a few birds but none of them had seen you and i grew worried
so i sat down in a circle in the sand and wished and prayed id touch your hand
the seals all came and barked at the night with me...
the winds even chipped in and howled along side us.

im sorry that i left im sorry i am incomplete
but i am too young to be complete
after all i was born completely by mistake.

The breeze carries your scent but away to the inland mountains
is that you dancing along the horizon?
Ive been watching and unknown character skirt the sun
it goes back and forth along

support your wonder and take that chance
it might be you and ill see it through
to the end without haste
by a side of the person willing.

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Brendon Masters

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