Saturday, May 21, 2011

I told myself I would stop...because no one knows what im saying

in case of disaster refer back to your original plan
she waved goodbye but held my hand
im on the ropes but looking back and forth
she told me that my love is what its worth
a friend here, and a friend there, a stale smell inhabiting the air
loss among product and profits through the roof
we called and called but never got through
i love you beyond the grasp on my hands
and ill never leave you to fend for them
face to face interaction breeding kisses divine
 our happiness never was a product of time
 a thought blasted through the cannon of voice
brings me back to the places lost in my mind
ill never be back
ill never be true
to the thought marinating in the flavors of you

Friday, May 20, 2011

Little tree frog....hold on...

little tree frog..theyre just what comes along with the sights..didnt we know what we would find at the end of the trail? come now look in my direction i think youll see where i came from..the place of little things
i went to your castle and screamed at the front
but i was told  your world is sound proof
so i started back to the forest
on vacation

i know you're there, i can smell your love
it puts the air in a mushy bowl and mixes in vanilla
but i wont ever know

little tree frog couldnt you have found another pond to reside in?
i couldnt ask for much more out of love until my future sends me something new.
ive been to the store where they can get any thing you can remember
any one youd like
chase any feeling to the store and hold on.
distant rumbles and a lack of background noise.
the vacation is almost in the past
the spoken and the said
the love who found its truth in ambivalence.
hold on
could you call this truth?
would you sell the proof?
what is waiting for you off stage when you fall?
i caught mine
hold on
i thought someone was taking pictures of it me, but then it exploded overhead
they skies opened up and the clouds began to drain
that familiar rumble accompanied the best of us while our interdependence fluttered above us like victims of a coming attack
just like that the world was won...united in peace by the last remaining storm cloud
it's not over yet, and it's not below your feet, the madness is above and the fury all around.
prepare for a wake up call.
i caught mine

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Friends upon meaning

So we heard her shivering cries,
and scrambled like eggs to action.
Upon arriving at a destitute scene,
we will promptly depart.

One in the same,
none in the like
I wonder if someday,
I just might.

Portrayal failures and role reversing results.
Emotional property taxes.

Love wrapped in cellophane so as not to suffocate it
Mighty elephants know the joke is on the trainer.

totality with out totalitarianism

They will never believe you.

bread crumbs

surfing is getting so stale

i want to barf and poop everywhere...

then do an i can be cool

aerial brah aerial brah aerial brah


im done.

Monday, May 2, 2011


if it was anything else i would be dead
used to the extreme
useless connections breeding forgiving conversations
no extent of background
variables bouncing off walls
fragile snow globes sitting on store shelves
waiting their turn
wages and debts of life
equally terminal
no point to shutters,
forecasts either

tangent oriented  frayed seams
firing on both ends
burning through
into air


Brendon Masters

Oceanside, CA, United States
you already know too much about me