Thursday, May 27, 2010

who does love feel like?

it must be like the first time you touch sand after being  lost at sea...
she must feel like a pushing tide complementing a combo swell..
the ride.
would you fight a current if it was pushing you away from your life?
i like surfing because you are riding
that was created out of thin air.

there is just nothing like absorbing tangible earthly transmissions
as if theyre the pulse of the earth

i plane of earthly pulses.

lines and refractions all bouncing around the seas of the earth
one day someone said the earth was flat

ha the growing mind is comparable to tides as well as the whole ocean..

who knows where it really ends, and begins.

apollo how do you do what you do?
the deity i would pray to it would be Poseidon and Apollo

we'll see when the levee breaks.

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