Tuesday, November 13, 2007

little black book 1

why does security fluctuate you? Questions forever unanswered.
This will show... it has already hinted itself.
My agenda is full.
My writing expresses to little emotion.
You're a voice that stings, this writing makes no sense.
But who has any sense left?
A world repeated and full of fallacy. What have we learned from our rain dance?
Little black book, will you show me my solution when i am seeking answers?
The book of untold ways to the unknown.
I am the abyss, you have to dive to find me.
Put your doubts aside and jump.
Everyone has their own agenda.
Find me and you have earned a shot.
Fatal times we live in, rehab is popular.
Im going to make driving into a wall look glamorous to the youth.
Just wait and see, you will be the first to be enlightened.
Travel the world on my cloud and conquer the sky with me.
Only to be pushed off.............by yours truly...

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Brendon Masters

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