Thursday, February 21, 2008

i see you

i feel you
when i walk through the land the earth speaks to me.
swimming in the ocean, the water runs through my veins.
in the air i breathe, the life fills my lungs.
to know and not be able to grasp.....
i know you're there.
the warm glow of your body heat
silouhetted against the full moon
dance with my through the feilds as the clock starts over again
we create our own existence far from the corporate lands.
towering shadows cascading over us as we rejoice
next to the fire that fuels our spiritual conciousness
expose your raw emotions to the wolves that hide in the shadows.
they're out there but you are safe in the circle
in my arms you are safe my love.

When the life comes we resort to our devices,
your soft skin soaks up the living rays of the sun.
for hours we lie, watching the sun patrol the skies,
witnessing the clouds racing each other to unknown destinations.
the light passes over us and recharges the love
that is to be made under the stars,
inside the crystal blue waterfall.
and along the misty shores of the awakening oceans.

as our days race by us, we notice little.
our love has taken over our thoughts and dreams.
there is nothing else but you and i
two beings in harmony with their surroundings
age becomes meaningless....
a label,
a constant reminder of the length of time this beauty has lasted.

each day is met with warmth and excitment
and left with a sense of sadness..
for everyday is a day to cherish
turn your incredible dreams into the stories they desire to become..

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