Sunday, February 17, 2008


this is a poem to my cat squeak.

an ode to squeak

it is amazing how much i have learned from you.
it is possible to be fat and happy, all the while demanding it.
so that is your secret ehy?
if you want attention, don't give them a choice.
every lap,
every brush.
a constant vibrating ball of fur
fat and happy.
you hold the truth to the statement,
if you want something, ask...
if it doesn't work,
try 39 more times....
you are the only cat
who would lay near me when i am playing the drums
and when i asked you how i played
would respond...mas!
my spanish speaking fat ass
as well as showing me how to be truly happy,
you have shown me that love still exists.

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catherinelaurel said...

hey, i like this one. this is catherine by the way. i like your writings!


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