Tuesday, September 15, 2015

pondering ponds

i want to know:

will i ever stop trying to get in my own way?

will i ever drop everything and just do what i want?

am i doing what i want?

will i ever find dreams and futures im attracted to?

am i really uninterested in establishing an image?

would i know an opportunity if i saw one?

could i feel emotions the way they're sent?

might i be looking in wrong places....

for items and people i don't want?

do i really express authentic gratitude?

do i make people feel like they matter?

should i just give up and disappear?

or step into the spotlight and steer.

moving is like jumping off a cliff

and telling yourself, there is a pool of water below
even though you can see one.

a pool of people, who influence the surface of the water
from ice to room temperature.

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