Tuesday, September 8, 2015

first timer

i really did a number on my body already working this new job
140lb coffee sacks all day, not really, but i brush up against them at least once a day
buckets and barrels in between them....not the kind you want though.

i need to learn to ask for help. and just how to do that
so for the last going on 2 weeks....no surfing...no skating...
just working and laying in a bed with ice...my new muse.

but this is where it gets good

i woke up in the hospital yesterday

after playing buckets i tried to stand and i guess triggered my vagel nerve?
i felt super back/side pain and took a nap
right on the side of jfk in golden gate park

people saw me and called an ambulance
and apparently i even had a couple people compliment me...

but i also had angels around
i somehow gave a person my phone number and keys
and they moved my car for me back to where i was staying.

hollllllyyy fuck

as i lay in bed icing my back

its time like this im so happy that no one reads this shit,


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