Wednesday, March 26, 2008

this is

what is this? where did it go? and how?

don't think this is easy for me, you are not alone
now you are .
just like that

why is blame the first thing to be argued over?

blame is an excuse for hiding what you really feel

...what flows through your heart and soul

just say it hurts and i will stop...

the podium is changing

oh pride..

it's so worth it

lonesome crowded west.

just got a little less crowded

why does it hurt all over?

in every cell and pathway of my vessel

it wasn't supposed to end this way..


spontaneity is the only way to live your life..
goodbye, i am off to venture the world alone.

somehow, it goes on...even though my feelings do not assure my grasping hands..
clammy and cold, they search frantically for signs of life,
but what is life though hands eyes?
touch cannot be replaced, only mimicked

this opening will never close.
only to be covered with boulders and rocks,..

so this is what jesus felt like....or didn't...
no...he didn't.... inanimate objects don't feel.

atleast this reassures me i am alive.....

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