Saturday, March 22, 2008

wine me, dine me, show me the town

dont worry dear, someone will one day
i have never felt so disconnected from you, everything in me says dont do it,
dont sign away your life....
maybe now is the time to go far away
what is here for me anyway,
who is here for me more like it.
not you
im not your type, realize this.
is incapabilities even a word? i guess so.
well you win, ill take what ever is coming my way..
its funny how those things work,
when you feel it the most, you are completely blind,
making yourself believe what you desire so bad.
this is bad
what happened to giving a moose a muffin.
that died fast.............
time to work towards a respectable departure.....
where the fuck did this come from...
wine me
dine me,
best of all, you dont have to do any work.
monogomy is so yesterday i guess....
i am daunting, and you are not
live tv right in front on your eyes. your own movie, starring you and i
where eventually the joke is on me...but this is a comedy, alls well that ends well.....
im not done with you.

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