Friday, March 21, 2008

social materialism

networking has lost its purpose, and turned more competitive
i drank like 39 beers last night
look at pictures,
they tell you more about a person than you'd really like to know.
their insecurities shine through the googoley eyes and drunken smirks
but as long as you find it cool
who was to be present and conscious anyway.
fuck that
there is no competition to show who has the coolest life.
my herb is home grown and my acid was never touched.
yeah well i drink everyday.....

the end justifies the means

you're mean
but i am happy
how much more money can you spend before that is your destination.
i hope you can take all of your cool possession with you underground.

why leave when you can see the world on TV or online.
im taking a journey, but im not leaving my living room.... :)

the town is flooded, everyone glows a certain shade, and smiles a little bigger...
nature is appreciated a lot more
but then just as quickly forgotten 12 hours later

ocean beach california
i come

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