Thursday, June 12, 2008

this is where it gets tricky

so hold your breath
i will keep quite while you look through this house
to your surprise i had vacated before you even knew.
my mind is in no state to write
i cant hold my attention to one topic, person or idea
and yes, you have offended me, and no there will be no review
this offense will not go unnoticed.
maybe by you
you're afraid to say what you are
why can't you just be happy???
and why can't i keep a thought???
my best side is your wrong side of the bed.
and you dont sleep well
cant decide are you positive
dont you understand the severity of this situation
just so you know,
someone is dying.

now its all coming to the front

prayers dont work!
well here i go playing my fiddle for you
your minstrel

useless efforts resulting in salty wounds
this is so hard

i hate this and what it has done to me
i hate myself and how little i care
lack is the word of the day
and to lack is to be young

we wont stand for intrusions
and im not so sure
you're next

live your life before i end it
and i dont mean murder

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