Monday, August 23, 2010

This is not poetry

present- existing or occurring now

it is a wound that wont heal or is too big for any modern bandage.carrying an object that everyone can see but no one feels..
where do the opinions come into play and what is their substance?
it is hard enough occurring now..much less not seeing the best part of the ride..

i wont hold you back much longer..i wont permeate your mental garden..
my pollen is due for has been remedied into personal use.
what would i want mother ocean?
throwing water in all directions...teaching, learning, growing.
arranging rhythms and melodies into beautiful and horrendous sounds..

my travels are cosmic and frequent, they float across vast fields of thought but the visibility is poor and the clouds hang low.
one week and it is real. the weight of the situation becomes light
the past was better...
unless we change our mind...
the crowd is out on that one..

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