Thursday, September 23, 2010

hes and shes/ sappy emo poetry

time for a new more troubling dreams.
he cant wait for these days to be over...
he cant sleeping to the thought of her into someone.
if this is love it is uncomfortable
now she don't seem worth it...this huge lesson wrapped up into less than 500 days.
if only he could switch the channel of his thoughts
when she invades his fragile thought process like a cancer set on conquest.
she didn't have to live up to her don't HAVE to hurt so bad.
he knew she felt lost and forgotten
that couldnt be farther from the truth in his world.
this is why he resents her..
all she wants is someone like him..but not him..hes  not the person.
hes  too much of what she wants..unless she would tell him other wise..
you can't have the best ones, they're always the most frazzled.

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