Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The dust I kick up is too fine

writing is useless..the rain is never ending...the feeling is redundant.
the family grows farther into the ground...what do i do?
my smile is fake. my heart is turning into black ice...
come and gone
love and loss
sounds meeting silence.
resonating past anything resembling ears
the pieces are left all around,
like unfinished plans,
or ideas that were birthed and abandoned like discarded celebrities.
reflect on your life, and pray to what ever deity you might believe in.
falling asleep before it's bedtime.
waking up before the morning
unhealthy habits breed misguided children.
generations riddled by their parents emotional mistakes.
i have blame on me, like the skin i was born with.
leaving leaving leaving...running and running, but only spinning in circles.
my dizzy eyes hurt my unfortunate brain, no where is up, everywhere is down
a perpetual hold down...the wave of life was a close out..and i paddled right for it.

pray for surf..

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