Tuesday, July 14, 2015

sailing, surfing, and role models

even today, after ive thrown it all away,
you wont vacate my thoughts.
after ive thrown every form of "iloveyou",
i might get a four word response,
which is more words than your mouth could tell

i hope one day i can find what, at least, i felt,
the smile that caked my face,
in each and every photo...just look

...and a fair good luck,
followed by a shallow...
fuck off...
it might convey every corner of my sad little boy
just be past it, just be past it, just be past it.

dizzy...and sick, drunk from the tick,
that life could deafen us with,
and we got in line,
we wouldn't define,
what love meant to us.

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Brendon Masters

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