Sunday, February 28, 2016

i am myself...too serious

i dont know what relief would look like.
maybe never remembering, or just keeping a low profile
less eyes that pry, less smiles
to swat like flies.
i noticed your message, and it speaks with scarred tones
your foray back into it. pulsing veins and first times all over
new breath and paces, the new gentle. my conquered lands.
a moment over too soon, on this end at least, one thing,
i hope we can't share. you never seemed scared. just unsure

well ill say it for the death of saying it
i have never experienced personal success of life like that
i have never felt so many things
and now theyre sooty dreams
i have to relearn to relearn to not learn.
i hope one day i can articulate that sinking feeling inside of me.

like a loaf of bread not proofed
but still rising
a shake like a shiver
but alone like a flame
worse than an eight foot canyon set
squirming like an above the earthworm.
shivering in the shower, and sweating in the sea

im a fish running with line
im the salt water i am fighting to stay in
im the pescadore and the oven at home.

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