Thursday, May 19, 2016

White puke

Where does it end? The feeling so overwhelmed, the spirits left so far behind. When you're puking drunk, when you're frozen sad. It all awakes, unless you're me, then it just yells. Top of its voice, blood on its vocal
Chords. Someone forgot to tell her it's a joke. Will anyone find someone who could hold on until the end. It wAs  all a non elaborate joke, but the subject forgot to smash pause. Becoming it all together, hiding from the feather, looking not so clever. Awash in treasure. I will not run to someone who might save
Me, I won't admit your power. I'll stay far away from your energy source so buzzing and pure. I'm sure the smiles hurt and the inches turn to miles. I'm frozen inside until you leave me as a guide. Kills yourself, send her off a cliff, steep ravines, raging anxious water. She might end up somewhere nicer, but we dont bet 

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Brendon Masters

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