Sunday, July 16, 2017

tepid water

im bound by earthly desires, and the struggle to be happy each morning
first thought not, second thought, how?
so much day to account for,
all while trying to stay away from boredom

hours to fill, and a place to be stuck filling them,
typical battles, from typical sources,
waving their flags as an invite to collusion
great, now that we have you here,
lets get started.

we have issues with how you have been raised
we have reservations about seeing your face
our committee has decided to cut your funding
we found someone else,
upon which to lavish our horrid gaze.

a fine job you have done, but fine like a point
secluded to one ink stain,
yet the assignment was to paint the world.

maybe another lifetime,
maybe another soft line,
possibly never again.
say the sacrificial

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