Friday, January 18, 2008

believing is seeing.

inconsistency is your word of the decade
emotions are you abused wife.
what you think is all in your head.
the need to be surrounded and noticed.
where do i come into this situation?
separation of thoughts and actions.
rules and regulations do not exist for those who do not see them.

for once in my short life certainty would be accepted.
this big cloud of pauses and shorts looming above my decisions.
continue on your righteous trek through the doubt and empty space.
your guide can only travel with you for so long,
until i am a whithered dusty chair.

how long can you convince yourself you know better?
this blissful state you float along in.
easily blaming the first pair of eyes your gaze upon.
who will be the person to stand up and push you over?
you may only be 5'7
but it is a hard lonely fall....

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