Friday, January 18, 2008

fall out people

what will today be like? so many new things to learn and observe. This voice in my head who tells me i cant wont shut up. why cant a person just crawl into a cave and be overtaken by his fears and failures. is this what taking drugs ultimately leads to. too many people these day take pride in their attempts to fuck their lives up beyond repair. i do not feel pity for those who are to insecure to face themselves and others. alcohol is a cop out used by a lot of this world. hide your fears and insecurities and have another one. after all, you wont be affected, this could never happen to YOU! my failure is my friend. i can think of no better teacher than my bad decisions and fucked up thoughts. so for now while i sit wondering what i am really missing out on i will conclude that as well as being my own teacher, you will make my mistakes for me and for this is thank you....

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