Thursday, April 29, 2010

stylish lessons

it's always what you never see or what blinds you the most
 who would have thought my special spot has been vacated once before
by a most sincere pretender mixed with a fear of being found out.
no more emotional out pours to an expecting public.
we shall whether our storms and allow them to pass peacefully.
as it appears it shall be.
are you worthy of loyalty?
it seemed a little too good to be true..and that is my reality.
who said it had to be?
good cannot completely encompass someone.
no one said it would be easy to achieve personal gratification.
but she is not what you afraid time will be the victim in you seeing this brendon
do not let your focus slide from what you want in life.
ashton why can't you get a hold of yourself?
not sure how i will write this letter to you but we know it will be heavy

the repeated line of i am not permeates among the fields of us.
i just don't feel so special purpose has been shown fraud.
if you could help me understand i would gladly receive.
when you're not the first love can you really be the last one standing?
you've got to take all she said and throw in your own blend of style
time to lose to addiction and look within.
all these efforts show your dedication to be as bright as blood.
when my messenger pigeon gets frozen in an ice storm how do i relate my findings?
this is all part of the whole story..the bigger idea you can fill.
but dont wait until you're fully grown.
please find your center and remain there..only then can you honestly share yourself.
this is all a replacement for the mother who was never there..
and continues her absence among her field of stars.

so theres no time
to get it right
to show my fright
so you'll see me

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