Thursday, April 29, 2010

them ups and downs

so there is so much to work many feelings to catch with out butterfly nets. dancing along the white shore with the sea breeze displacing the air around us.
the noise and sound so appropriate for our stage in life...a setting to a wonderful love story. if we take it one day at a time.
a feeling of content blankets the shores that this ocean of doubt seems to endlessly ravage,
if we take it one day at a time.
sunrises and sunsets mark our existence as we pass along through this passage of life...together by each other's side our belonging has never been more solid.
 if you give up good girl whose mixed up she just wanted to play some notes...someones trying to get a  hold of your throat.
if you see what i do will you take note of it
i cant be there and be here for ever.
these things show me that our love is as wide as my eye
someone told me to fly real high....
to avoid the currents of the vast sky
to where the air is thin and resistance is love myself looks like a love to you,
our train has yet to depart but it's coal engine is burning hot,
communication and exploration drives it's heart
we can be anything we choose...we can fill anything we please.
just let me know before you jump so i can watch...
ill be there at the ground in a second or two i just have to need to gaze and watch you descend
i was told to turn it down but i like to turn it loud...i like to show it proud and never question my feet
where does to sun go when it hides from our eyes?
does it miss my gaze and long for my return as i wait through the calm cold night.
no one said it was easy to gain acceptance within yourself
to know that each decision will lead to a positive place
to believe that your decision maker is always right.
just make friends where ever you go..and be yourself
the rest will follow and if you got love you are not lonely.
leaving paradise for another version where to theme is endless summer.
it's called starting your life to know another will create itself.
it is a letting go issue...and a taking back possibility.
to give and receive in the same swing...
just make sure it is how you want it.

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