Thursday, May 28, 2015

kisses from the sea

I got a smooch from a sting ray today right on the inside soft portion of my foot..

amazing pain

good to take my mind off of other open wounds i guess... :)

i am moving to san francisco soon and I am pretty excited

no more being near camila...

no more being near comfort and familiarity

my brother and I had a talk today and i feel less weighted by my own being, also with the prospects of change

life should be good....
single life..
freedom and opportunity

no more sitting here thinking about camila. she made her choice. she can venture alone and find herself
find a nice gentlemen who won't be such a brendon...
fuck relationships.

life is about the little moments...
like hitting gongs.
enjoying even little events.

forget sharing.
forget caring
i'm in this for me
you do yourself.

shred on absent viewer.

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