Saturday, December 12, 2015

im not busy

so were balls deep into the holidays
and santa is about to blow his end of the year load
and i am going to add another tick on the second

thanksgiving was a blur thanks to a long lost new friend
lots of hotels and alcohol and learning about the northern bay communities..and the people who call them home.

what have you missed?

i can be me again
surfing. skating. drums and other limber or not activities

this will be my first week back to regular duties

maybe i wont be me for long.

i have a bicycle i ride to work everyday...neat, intriguing...challenging...lance armstrongs...its got it all..

i went to baja with too many other friends
it was cool, the water was not. the waves were unique
the drive was sick
i might just go there and be

my family is keeping busy on their pursuit of the attainable..i love them.

i surfed rincon for the first was fun....better than baja...haha...

ive been playing the drums like a mad man, but a weekend warrior mad man.. and occasionally weeknights.

i also discovered a gem on thursdays where thomas pridgen plays for free...row....

anyway here are the things you didn't come here to see.

this new year should be an interesting one. i have a few sticks in the fire. and by all means i am ready.

  sick waves breaking out to sea!

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