Monday, December 21, 2015

this page is expired

the frequency of these posts are the joke unto themselves.
snow in cairo
rain in sf
the world is nuts.. or maybe we haven't been watching too long...
 and over analyzing our results.

when i meet someone new, the last recommendation i give will be this blog.
oh you've reached your end? join me

i guess this feeling of stranger danger to my own voice..could yield some results...sums and know..
im at the age of committing legacy suicide...the acceptance that you can't necessarily wish yourself into importance.
but who or what is important

memory is like sand.....every beach has their own grind..and not because..
so i keep myself in isolation because it's what i know
i know what i practice
and i guess it's strange to put lipstick on this pig
isolation in crowded areas might as well be considered invisibility 

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