Friday, October 3, 2014

because i will make you hate me

I thought i was a lover, but my fighter is in it to win it, repeatedly swinging at an already bled out corpse.
i will kill my dreams, and bury them far beneath.
no i wont tell you where they are located, you inadvertently assisted in their burial

all those things you cant take back, all those crashes you can't make happen.
if you want to stop, just tell me, tell me i am the worst of the best

tonight i tried to commit relationship suicide. and you held my hand
we're bleeding slow, but slow enough to save ourselves.
i just dont see it

I dont know if i want it, I am filled with bed bugs, and why would you?
If i am such a dark cloud ready to rain on your picnic, shouldn't you head for shelter?
there is none here.
i burned it down after you had nothing else to learn from me

and no, i did not say that first.
this is our ending, writing its pathetic self.

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Brendon Masters

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