Friday, October 3, 2014

you'd have to know

How quickly and frantically my fingers are trying to fix myself, typing resolution, and absolution.
All with no avail
If we love ourselves, clap you hands. If you want to go home, change your mind.

Let me get stoned really quick, then I'll tell you what's on my mind.


i think you're sleeping well
i wonder if there are drying tears on your cheeks
i wonder if you're dreaming about my suggestions.....deprecated or not.
i was born alone, and i cant get away from myself.
hows this going to work?
killing expectation
yet in turn being killed by a serious 12 pack of ice cold self righteousness..
my own doing, metaphorical suicide.
i told myself i would never try to kill myself again....
but i forgot to tell my subconscious.

dark seas.

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