Tuesday, April 28, 2015

for god sakes....shut the fuck up with your sadness.... and stop rhyming!!

today was the first day in my life i didn't eat a scrap of food.
my appetite has been replaced and the stomach muscles inside of me
laugh at sustenance.

drink your tears, close your eyes
give away any feelings to try

i wrote you a letter to sew up my mouth
so my heart wont hurt so much
when my mind turns south

i can't even articulate
staring at the stars
hoping you're watching
but knowing your far

we might be soaking
our pillows each night
but that thought alone
does not lessen my fright

i don't know worlds we lived
they seem so far
my dehydrated body
would like to step
in front of a car

maybe with the promise
that ill finally sleep
and give up on this memory
upon which i weep

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