Saturday, April 25, 2015


I cant accept our situation
even if  your beautiful voice
tells me it's okay
it's not
love could never wait
and surely never ressurect
what once was a beacon
for how love should unfold

i cant
i wont
i hurt
without you

and everyone knows
partly because i put it for the world to read.

and for that
im sorry

but ill never let go,
because you said one day....
we'll be okay,
but i can't trust life will provide.

and i need your reassuring feel
that touch that says i'm not so dumb
and my childish ways
might be a key to your heart.

if there was ever i time i wanted an audience
it is now,
an  audience of one....

is all i really ever wanted,
but i have to let go, without holding fast,
to the thought
that our love
was set to last,

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