Tuesday, June 23, 2015

4 am compay

when you believe something, is it ever bound to be proven wrong
like people who say there is no man in the sky or burning bushes, or untouched virgin
does that sway the believers? possibly planting new ideas....new futures
if you think water will kill you, will it?
im losing my faith, without much of a fight

when the latter finally sinks in, is there a re-structuring?
a swift effort towards this golden calf...
the new way, we were silly in the past.

im spending these sleepless nights molting,
mentally sweeping away our images
and unsteadily believing in making more.

so much so
that I am writing 3 am propositions,
tactless fuck-its
mostly because
i am feeding the pyre
of apathy.

to my friends:
tell her why
to my enemies:
tell her why not


that one time we drove to alaska

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