Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I used to have episodes of night terrors.

camila would tell me in the morning that I would sit up in bed and start frantically repeating "fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, like something was chasing me

i would always say i was surfing huge waves...but i to be honest, i don't remember.

then i would ask her questions like " do you like westerns? yeah...you like westerns" (still asleep)

fuck, sleeping is vulnerable.

how could i ever feel comfortable sleeping next to a stranger knowing that at any moment i could bare my soul, or include them in my dreams...sheesh
lonesome nights abound..

i have other funny sleeping stories, but since i have no one to remind me of them, they will have to wait.

on a side note....my dreams have been quite terrible these last few months....when a certain character fails to show up for the casting call, maybe my nights will become a little less terrorized, until then...ill stay awake..

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