Thursday, June 11, 2015


i have been exceptionally distracted by this whole relationship game

i put a lot of hopes and dreams into my last endeavor.. and i'm glad i did.

love hard when there's love to be had, but don't make it your whole meal

i feel dumb for actually believing i had met someone who shared wanting to grow old together

i really wanted that...

but when you fall from the nest, there's no way you can get back...and i was pushed.

more blessings in disguise...

this whole post is to laugh, and tell,

can i be a nutritionist? I sure can try

will I trip into love again?

you bet not

will i continue to see new places, meet new people

and explore new horizons??


at least i can feel strong now, i sure have been in a low state...
the struggle continues.

more photos from previous endeavors:

humboldt skatepark?

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