Wednesday, June 17, 2015

quitting for good

quitting is good
giving up is better
letting go is nice
relinquishing is helpful
dying feels fine

all to experience the uplift of progress
and a smile that is anchored in calm seas.
im glad you culled my smile out of your life
it was more than for you

now i find my stride and you will too
out of our lives and into a new
a good story, and a lucky chance happening
bringing together two adventuring people
for just a short moment in time.

im starting to feel this weight begin to lift

and it can finally feel real

you know how women can be,

made up their mind, when they're venturing with an idea

leaving you essentially behind, where they made their decision

i think it's cool you have such a calm demeanor, let's see your finger tips

but this is what you wanted, and so it shall be.

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